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Our CEO Message

CEO Message

We firmly believe in providing our customers with innovative products of the highest quality, which are competitively priced and nearly always available off the shelf. We offer, by far, the most aggressive array of customer services ever made available to the switchgear, control, and automation market.

Our philosophy is ‘Commitment to your satisfaction’. Our commitment to delivering an unparalleled solution which our customers rightfully deserve is our foremost goal. Other building blocks of our philosophy are:

Good prices that meet or exceed expectations We price our services to achieve competitive advantage and meet the objective of our customers. We always welcome the opportunity to help you maintain prices that meet your expectation while we are maintaining our healthy financial bottom line.

We stand with you in a critical timeline:

Sometimes our customer needs quick-turn delivery to meet crucial product delivery from their end. We always have a contingency plan for urgency unplanned emergency quick-turn. Do not hesitate to talk to us if you have an emergency delivery.

Responsiveness to customer complaints:

We address all complaints to its core and apply all the corrective measures to ensure permanent removal of the addition, we regularly monitor our processes and allow improvement to be made.

Being fanatically customer driven is an integral part of every SIGMA’s job description. Every single employee is authorized and required, to make the spot decision as necessary in order to completely satisfy our customer, anytime, without needing approval from anyone.

I personally stand behind Sigma with 28 years of switchgear business experience. If you are not satisfied with a product or a service, please contact me immediately. I will personally handle any customer issue brought to my attention. Every complaint must be addressed because every customer is important.


Mohammad Asif Malik

Chief Operational Officer​

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