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Sigma Products

Sigma Engineering specializes and concentrates in the field of LV Switchgear, Industrial Control & Automation, and Safety Components, such as Power Circuit Breakers, High Current Air Circuit Breakers, Molded Case Circuit Breakers, Residual Current Relays, Source Changeover Switches, and Protection for Direct Current (DC) Application thereby providing Total Automation Solution.

Table of Contents

Motor Control Gear

Magnetic Contactors & Protection Relays, Reversing Contactors, Electronic Over Current Relays, Electronic Thermal Overload Relays, Modular Contactors, Motor Protection Circuit Breakers, Motor Management System, Medium Voltage/ Low Voltage Motor Protectors, Thermistor Protection Units, Time Control Devices, Dol / Star Delta Starters, Variables Speed Drives, Soft Starters, and Enclosures.


Power & Energy Monitoring System, Energy Analyzer / Controller and software, Smart Metering.

Building Energy Efficiency Controller, Building Management Software, Lighting & Time Mangement, Safety Mangement, Busways & Cable Mangement, HVAC Control Devices.

Products Range

We offer products for different price segments, such as economical range and prime range although we have a strong and complete range as well as sticking. Sigma allowing you to source your critical components from ONE SUPPLY.

Industrial Control Automation and Safety Components

Human Machine Interface, Control Station, Pushbuttons, Pilot Lights, Joy Sticks, Remote Control Switches, Limits Switches, Proximity Sensors, Preventa Safety Module, Emergency Rope Pull Switches, Modular Safety Systems, Temperature Controller, Interface Relays,

Miniature Control Relays, Magnetically-Operated Switched, Signaling Columns, Insulation Monitors, Voltage Monitoring Relays, Surge Protectors & Filters, Earthing System and Personal Safety Circuit Breakers.

Industrial, Commerical and Residential Markets

Our products are well-suited for all market ranges. Our non-residential customers include end-user, property developers, design firms, systems integrators, panel builders and installers, electrical equipment distributors and building management companies. Residential customers include mainly electricians, architects and decorators, those involved in the home automation industry, lighting and security firms, constructions firms, contractors, electrical equipment distributors and large do it yourself (DIY) stores, as well as end-users and homeowners.

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